Lin Hsiu-Niang
Date of birth
Place Of birth
Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Asia
Lin Hsiu-Niang is a Taiwanese artist whose contemporary ceramic artworks embody her personal life experiences and multiple identities. Born in 1956 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, she pursued her passion for art, earning a Bachelor's degree from National Ping Tung Teachers' College and later studying ceramic art in California, USA. Her works transcend the influence of traditional Chinese porcelain production, reflecting the various roles she has played as a daughter, sister-in-law, mother, wife, and full-time educational worker. Through her art, Lin finds an outlet for her creativity, energy, and inspiration, creating a new path outside of family life. Currently based in Tainan, Taiwan, her works offer a unique perspective and convey the transformative power of artistic expression.

Works by this artist