History of Misunderstanding—Voyeurism

Zhou Xiaohu


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oil on aluminium plate, projected video animation (colour, sound)
aluminium panel 244 x 244 cm
video 4 min 41 sec
History of Misunderstanding—Voyeurism (2013) combines oil painting with an animated video projection featuring a different hero of twentieth century art: the animation refers to an imagined 1987 interview with Andy Warhol, published in the UK Financial Times in 2007. The interviewer, Nigel Andrews, begins with this statement: ‘What if Andy Warhol, famously laconic art luminary, had decided just once, at the right, liberating yet confidential moment, to give an articulate, self-revealing interview?’ So here a fake interview with an American artist famed for his constructed persona is used by a Chinese artist to comment on the mythologising effect of art, art media and the art market.
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