The Owner's Wall



Production date

Object Detail

original painting by Yinling Hsu, framed with wrought iron bars and inscribed wooden case
painting with wrought iron 102 x 127.5 x 13.5 cm
wooden case 105 x 131 x 16 cm
This work was part of ‘The Fruition Project’, a riff on the relationship between artists and collectors, the dynamics of the art market, and the commodification of art. The four artists became ‘collectors’, purchasing nine artworks from nine different artists whom they attempted to meet in person. Once they owned the works, they physically altered and transformed them. The Owner’s Wall (2012), for instance, is originally a painting by Yinling Hsu. It is now covered by an ornamental window grille typical of houses in Taiwan, and is placed inside a timber box. Cursive script on the lid reads ‘You can have it’, playfully satirising the commodification of art and the politics of its display. At the same time, there are suggestions of the Dada found object in the way that each newly purchased artwork transmogrifies into something quite different in the hands of the Luxury Logico artists.
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