The Gooey Gentleman

Zhou Xiaohu


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stop-frame animation (colour, sound)
4 min 41 sec
The Gooey Gentlemen (2002) is a charming hand-drawn animation created on the artist’s own body, and that of a young woman. It tells a story of romance and desire that begins with animated drawings of a voluptuous female figure inscribed across his own chest. She cavorts around his naked torso wearing a red bikini, and pole dances to enthusiastic applause before vanishing into the artist’s navel. A gangly male figure emerges, sketched on a woman’s nude body. The two characters are drawn with deft, quick brush-strokes, wiped away, and re-drawn to create each new frame of the narrative. They engage in a range of stereotypically gendered mating rituals to the soundtrack of Chicken of Art, a weird but compelling song by Zuoxiao Zuzhou, the Chinese underground rock musician. Perhaps unsurprisingly, their coupling does not end well.
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