White Rabbit Slide

Yang Shen


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Object Detail

oil on canvas
155 x 270 cm (diptych)
White Rabbit Slide (2012) depicts a somewhat nightmarish scenario dominated by huge, phallic carrots. On the right side of the canvas a schoolgirl wearing the white shirt and neck scarf of the Young Pioneers communist youth organisation stands with arms outstretched and eyes closed, as if sleepwalking. In the background, a concrete structure leads to a baleful, giant rabbit’s head and body – the ‘white rabbit slide’ of the title. A loosely sketched male figure drags enormous lettuce leaves towards it, while another smaller boy issues forth an exclamation mark. Yellow characters reading from top to bottom on the right spell out the title like tawdry commercial signage. This enigmatic scene layers childhood memory, dreams, and a multitude of images sourced from advertising, cartoons and popular graphic illustration.
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