Tang Nannan, b.1969, Yunxiao, Fujian, China
Date of birth
Place Of birth
Yunxiao, Fujian, China
Born in Yunxiao, in southern Fujian Province in 1969, Tang Nannan spent childhood holidays beside the ocean in the remote fishing village of Donghai, hometown of his father and grandfather. Tang studied painting at the Art College of Xiamen University, before being awarded a doctorate in 2016 from the School of Intermedia Art at Hangzhou’s China Academy of Art, where he teaches today. His work is focused on the ocean: installations, ink paintings and video works that convey its boundless immensity, mystery and beauty. Tang Nannan’s work has been widely exhibited within China and internationally, including in the China Pavilion at the 2017 Venice Biennale. He lives and works in Hangzhou.

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