Liu Chengrui
Date of birth
Place Of birth
Qinghai, China
Liu Chengrui (also previously known as Guazi) was born in 1983 in Qinghai Province. Home to the historically significant area of Amdo, in the far northern reaches of the Tibetan plateau, this is a landscape of vast, sweeping grasslands. Liu grew up in a semi-nomadic family, and memories of his early life inflect his work today. Graduating from the Fine Art Department of Qinghai Normal University in 2005, he started to use his own body in performance art while he was still a student. Liu was awarded the Excellence Award in the Youth Plus-Young Artists Promotion Project supported by China National Arts Fund (2015), first prize in the 1st Circle Art Youth Award (2015) and a Merit Award in Inward Gazes – Documentaries of Chinese Performance Art, Macau Museum of Art (2008). He lives and works in Beijing.

Works by this artist