Li Rui
Date of birth
Place Of birth
Linfen, Shanxi, China
Li Rui was born in 1984 in Linfen, Shanxi and graduated with a bachelor’s degree (2005) and a master’s degree (2008) in oil painting from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, where his teacher was the celebrated painter Liu Xiaodong. As a young student, Li Rui was fascinated by archaeology and natural history, and how archaeological objects and natural specimens are displayed in museums. Many of his paintings feature imagery of birds and their eggs, such as the ‘Son of Heaven’ and ‘Nest’ series in the White Rabbit Collection. Liu says, ‘In my work, the bird is a symbol of life. From birds’ nests and taxidermy, to bones and fossils, it is a circle of life. But for people who understand my work, I paint a false version of the circle of life, because I use broken eggs and bird specimens as subjects. I put them in a box, padded with cotton and cloth, then label them. These artificial factors contribute to the idea of “false reincarnation,” which I want to present.’ His work has been exhibited in group and solo shown within and beyond China, including at the Today Art Museum, Beijing (2017); Goedhuis Contemporary, New York (2008) and Loft Gallery, Paris (2007). Li Rui lives and works in Beijing.

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