Shao Yi
Date of birth
Place Of birth
Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Shao Yi, born in 1967 in Hangzhou, China, is an innovative artist known for his ability to blend sculpture, installation, and craft while incorporating traditional auspicious patterns. His thought-provoking installations, such as "Broadcast" (2008), featuring Cultural Revolution era speakers blaring a mix of political propaganda and everyday conversations, capture the atmosphere of China during that period. Shao Yi's diverse body of work also includes a notable photographic series exploring the dynamics of a decorous society. Influenced by his grandfather and his upbringing in Hangzhou, Shao Yi's artistic journey began with a passion for drawing and painting. He has a deep interest in spirituality and philosophy, having briefly been a Buddhist monk and now focusing on researching Buddhism and Taoism. Residing in Hangzhou and Shanghai, Shao Yi continues to create art that pushes boundaries, connecting history, culture, and personal experiences.

Works by this artist