Peng Hung-Chih
Date of birth
Place Of birth
Taipei, Taiwan, Asia
Peng Hung-Chih was born in Taipei in 1969, and studied painting at the National Taiwan Normal University, graduating in 1992. He travelled to the United States for postgraduate study at the San Francisco Art Institute and was awarded an MFA in 1997: this experience opened his eyes to new developments in contemporary art. His multi-disciplinary, socially engaged work explores issues of global conflict, environmental destruction, spirituality, and the politically charged subject of religious extremism. He has worked with video, performance, sculpture, and installation, and he also continues to paint, a practice he considers akin to Daoist meditation. His work has been shown internationally, in solo and group exhibitions in China, Europe, the United States, Israel and throughout Asia. Peng Hung-Chih lives and works in Taipei.

Works by this artist