Jiū Society
Date of birth
Place Of birth
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Jiu Society’s 3 members, Fang Di, Ji Hao and Jin Haofan, were born and raised in Shenzhen – they consider themselves ‘experimental products’ of China’s Reform and Opening policies. They are each artists in their own right, but when working together in what they have dubbed, tongue-in-cheek, ‘A Shenzhen Original Low-cost Independent Male Artists Group’, their works reflect the concerns of their generation, children of hard-working parents who migrated from all over China to the new Special Economic Region in search of a better future. For Jiu Bobo, they re-enacted a viral North Korean video of a small child performing a kitsch song. The words, ‘Daddy loves me, Mummy loves me, love me, kiss me and hug me …’ become a camp, satirical song of praise to their city against a deliberately low-fi backdrop of demolition, new construction, propaganda slogans and a looming statue of Deng Xiaoping. Projects selected for major exhibitions include ‘Community Estate Project’ for the 13th Shanghai Biennale (2020); ‘Jiu Jiu Dog Shopping Channel’ at the Asia Now Paris Asian Art Fair (2019) and ‘Lost in Shenzhen’ at the Centre For Chinese Contemporary Art, Manchester, UK (2017). Jiu Society members continue to live and work in the city that formed them, Shenzhen.

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