Geng Yini
Date of birth
Place Of birth
Shenyang, Liaoning, China
Geng Yini is a graduate of Lu Xun Academy in Shenyang and has shown her works in numerous venues including V-Art Center Shanghai, Today Art Museum, Beijing and Blue Top Museum in Chengdu.
Although Geng Yini is not especially fond of the term 'post-internet artist', her work combines the traditions of oil painting that she studied at the Lu Xun Academy with the virtual world we now inhabit, jumping from screen to screen, and online window to window. Her large figurative paintings feature often disjunctive combinations of images drawn from eclectic online sources - snapshots, advertising and fine art images jostle against each other to unsettling effect, creating ambiguous narratives. She combines elements from different cultures and historical periods, from high art and popular culture in order to construct uncanny scenarios that blend real and imaginary people, landscapes and events. Geng Yini lives and works in Shenyang.

Works by this artist