Yao Chung-Han
Date of birth
Place Of birth
Taiwan, Asia
Yao Chung-Han, born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1981, is an influential figure in Taiwan's contemporary art scene as a sound artist. With a Bachelor of Design from the Department of Interior Design at Shih Chien University in 2005 and an MFA from the Graduate School of Art and Technology at Taipei National University of the Arts in 2008, Yao currently resides in Taipei, Taiwan. His artistic practice revolves around creating immersive installations that combine sound, light, and audience participation, transforming everyday objects into poetic and sensory experiences. Inspired by the Japanese performance art collective 'Dumb Type,' Yao's work showcases a meticulous fusion of light, sound, and body, captivating viewers with precise audio-visual phenomena. Additionally, he co-founded 'HH,' an Audio-Visual duo, with Yeh Ting-Hao, exploring experimental noises and electronic music through strong beats and innovative compositions. Yao's contributions extend beyond his artistic practice, as he co-founded the Lacking Sound Festival in 2007, a prominent organization dedicated to sound and experimental art in Taiwan. With exhibitions and performances worldwide, Yao Chung-Han is a driving force in the development of Taiwan's sound art scene.

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