Du Jie
Date of birth
Place Of birth
Xiangfan, Hubei, China
Born in 1968 in Xiangfan, Hubei Province, Du Jie graduated from Central China Normal University in Wuhan in 1996. Her minimalist works appear as flat planes of colour but on closer inspection reveal a surface of intricately applied lines: influenced by traditions of ‘bai miao’ linear ink painting, she traces fine brushmarks across the flat planes of colour on the surface of her small canvases. Du Jie’s artworks have been widely exhibited in China, Japan, Germany, The Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland, Austria, and Russia, most recently in ‘New Abstraction Chapter 2’, HdM Gallery, Beijing (2019) and ‘All This’, an exhibition of Chinese abstract painters, NanHai Art, San Francisco (2018). She currently lives and works in Beijing.

Works by this artist