Production date

Object Detail

LED light tubes, motors, wire rope, Max MSP programming
dimensions variable, approximately 450 x 1200 x 740 cm
Some works by LuxuryLogico incorporate collaborations with musicians and dancers. Scripting (2011), for example, was created as the backdrop for a performance work in Taiwan. Fluorescent tubes swing in the darkened gallery, creating bright parallel and converging lines. Luxury Logico explain their thinking: ‘The tubes portray slowly-moving waves and the perfect synchronization of arms and legs required to move efficiently in the water.’ Watching the lights swaying one thinks of the fluid gesture of a calligrapher writing Chinese characters with ink and brush, a performative act that relies on the control of ‘qi’ or breath. Scripting suggests many forms of writing, including forms of computer coding; it creates a symbol system of light and sound that is an entrancing experience for the viewer. The soundtrack chosen for the work, In a Landscape (1948), by the American avant-garde composer and musician, John Cage, indicates Luxury Logico’s interest in the history of contemporary performative art: their referencing of significant artists and works is always carefully considered.
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