Chinese Acrobatics in Manhattan - Peek

Li Yousong


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chalk on paper
60 x 100 cm
Chinese Acrobatics in Manhattan 2014 series depicts a legendary story of Aihua, the leading performer of the Chinese Acrobatics troupe, who escapes from a kidnapping and overcomes many difficulties to return to the troupe. The fictional story happened in 1972 in Manhattan, which was also when Li Yousong’s father travelled to the United States as the band conductor of the Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe. Through Aihua’s journey, the artist represents scenes in Manhattan and New York he imagined and remembered while his father described for him. In his Chinese Acrobatics in Manhattan - Peek, the protagonist is peeking behind the grey coloured stone facade outside a window, which creates an unsettling atmosphere of voyeurism.
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