Liquid Health: We Define Nutrition

Li Hanwei


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computer generated video animation (colour, sound)
1 min 23 sec
Li Hanwei, founder of the online virtual art space “Slime Engine”, excels in borrowing commercial advertisements and film language to create metaphors, employing image effects to express his understanding of the present-day and blurring boundaries between the ‘real’ and virtual worlds we inhabit. He is interested in exploring China’s ‘shanzhai’ (copycat) culture, and in this series of works he created parodic promotional videos about a health and beauty drink supplement that promotes and replicates aspects of traditional Chinese culture and aesthetics.
Liquid Health is a fictional cultural and creative company established by Li Hanwei, which exploits Chinese culture to conduct brand development, thereby creating a cultural brand that is designed to cultivate the body-mind-soul-spirit of human beings.
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