Ye Fu

Fang Di


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3 min 56 sec
Fang Di says he ‘wanted to find himself in the western value system’; his response is to subvert religious iconography at the start and end of ‘Yefu’ with a cigarette-smoking Jesus and an image of the Madonna defaced with white paint. Wearing bondage gear and a bright green wig, Fang dances and rolls around through scenes featuring pictures of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Madonna, assorted marble sculptures and reproductions of Mondrian geometric abstractions. The title ‘Yefu’ or 耶夫 alludes to both the first character 耶 when ‘Jesus’ is translated into Chinese and also to ‘Fu’, meaning ‘husband’ or ‘man’. The reference to the masculine character is intended to be ironic as Fang Di challenges gender binaries in his work both with Jiu Society and in his own independent artistic practice.
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