East Window - Untitled #20150513

Huang Xiaoliang


Production date

Object Detail

pigment print on fibre paper
108 x 180 cm
East Window – Untitled #20150513 (2016) depicts a group of men and a small dog gathered outside a low building. Another solitary figure, almost invisible in the twilight, stands outside the door. Light falls from the barred windows. In small town China, old buildings and even painted slogans from the Cultural Revolution period remain; the process of modernisation has not yet transformed the landscape. Deep blue and indigo tones, like dye seeping into fabric, make the image seem dream-like. Huang Xiaoliang’s practice of showing groups of figures gathered in twos and threes creates a slight sense of unease; aligned with the sombre palette, and the title of the series, he conveys an atmosphere that is a little secretive and covert, like something glimpsed from the corner of the eye.
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