Problematic GIFs - No Problem At All

Miao Ying


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Object Detail

GIF video (colour, silent), LCD screens, lightbox
298 x 241 x 8 cm
15 min 10 sec
A compilation of popular GIFs is blocked and rendered incomprehensible by a central blocked section, as if the image had failed to load, perhaps censored by the ‘Great Firewall’. Like a number of young post-Internet Chinese artists, including Lin Ke, aaajiao, Lu Yang, and Guan Xiao, Miao Ying creates work using the abundance of online information available in China—and, in Miao’s case, out of the negative space left by a restricted Chinese internet. She describes herself as living ‘on the internet’ and explains her relationship with the censored Chinese online space as a kind of Stockholm Syndrome.
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