Guo Jian


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inkjet pigment print
72 x 188 cm
Untitled (2014), at first sight a bucolic scene of cows grazing in a village setting, on closer inspection reveals a landscape of the ubiquitous plastic, paper packaging, take-away food containers and ‘disposable’ cups. The Untitled series focuses on devastated landscapes covered with litter, and the rubbish itself, featuring images of pockmarked, rain-spattered, dusty faces on scraps that once advertised soap, face cream, instant noodles, or packaging featuring the costumed characters of Qing Dynasty TV soap operas. It reveals the artist’s shock when he returned to him home province of Guizhou to find, not idyllic rural landscapes of mountains, fields, lakes and streams, but instead the viewfinder of his camera was filled with the detritus of a throw-away consumer culture
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