Dogs, Pineapple

Huang Shun-Ting


Production date

Object Detail

acrylic on canvas
150 x 150 cm
‘Dogs, Pineapple’ is from Huang’s thesis series ‘The Fruit Makes Trouble: The “BAD Forms” of Art’ (找碴的腐乳特: 藝術的惡俗表現) that investigates the aesthetics of folk art and local craft by reinterpreting Taiwanese auspicious paintings in a Western pop art style. Pairing fruits with animals to represent auspicious homophonic Taiwanese Hokkien words and meanings, the series further developed into ‘The Way to Wealth’ (有錢圖, 2015-2017), a series that continued with similar motifs on a larger, multi-layered scale.
The Taiwanese Hokkien word for pineapple is ong-lai (王梨), which sounds similar to the phrase meaning ‘to come forth, prosperous, thriving’ ong-lai (旺來). The ong here is also similar to the Mandarin wāngwāng (汪汪), which is the sound of a bark in Chinese.
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