Tianzhuo Chen


Production date

Object Detail

two-channel HD video (colour, sound)
4 min 49 sec
Paradi$e Bitch (2014) is a two channel HD video with a hypnotic sound track by Cantonese rapper KidGod, lip-synched by a pair of gyrating, posturing dwarves, the ‘Alien Twins’ (also called the ‘Asian Twins’.) Their bodies are adorned with tattoos of swastikas, marijuana leaves and penises. As they snarl and sway, gold chains adorned with more marijuana leaves and dollar signs swing from their necks, and heavy gold rings adorn their tiny hands. Gold-dyed hair, gold dental grills and boxer shorts complete the picture. The Cantonese slang pounding on the sound track sounds violent, but for much of the time the lyrics are repeating public service announcements or complaints about overcrowded public transport. Saliva drips from the mouths of the ‘twins’ as they bump and grind around the hips of a tall dancer gyrating more gracefully, her fluid moves referencing both Japanese Butoh performance and ‘voguing’. A follower of Tibetan Buddhism, the artist explores the ‘false gods’ of celebrity idols, consumer desire and pop culture. He pastiches and overlaps ideas and images from multiple sources, including American ‘gangsta’ rap, theories of the grotesque body, polymorphous sexuality, burlesque performance, psychedelia and drug culture. The effect is extraordinary: as religious imagery Paradi$e Bitch flouts conventionally accepted notions of tastefulness or respect. However, the hypnotically repetitive rap soundtrack, drooling, grimacing tattooed twins and fluorescent ‘pinwheel’ background graphics provide a compelling visual and aural experience that simulates trance-like states of religious ecstasy.
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