The Section Movement

Yang Wei-Chung


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Object Detail

oil on canvas
227.7 x 145.5 cm
As an art student in Taiwan during the 1960s Yang Wei-Chung absorbed the lessons of European and American modernism – echoes of the light-filled canvases of the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists; the flattened perspectives, shallow pictorial space and overlapping forms of the Cubists; the joyfully vivid colour of Derain and Kandinsky, and the layered pigments of Hans Hoffman and Arshile Gorky may all be found in his lush, beautifully composed still life canvases. Yang loves music and finds that it guides his painting – his work, too, is rhythmic and lyrical, evoking the repetitions and slowly building crescendo and falling decrescendo of a classical composition.
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