Fake Hand Collection 5

Hu Xiangcheng


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Object Detail

spray paint, acrylic and oil on calico
280.5 x 185.5 cm
Hu Xiangcheng left China in 1986, after graduating from the department of stage design at the Shanghai Theatre Academy and teaching for ten years at Tibet University. He travelled to Japan, where he studied, lived, worked and exhibited for many years, before also travelling to Africa and the United States. Influenced by African rock-art and the Japanese mid-twentieth century Mono-ha movement, which eschewed realism in favour of experimentation with materials, Hu Xiangcheng’s deceptively childlike, whimsical style belies the sophistication of his minimalist works. In 'Fake Hand Collection 5' his spontaneous, scribbly line, and areas of stencilling and spray-painting, depict a personal world of real and imagined people and events, rejecting completeness and embracing the uncertainty of life.
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