Chaotic Order

Jason Chi


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oil on canvas
121.5 x 152 cm
‘Chi considers painting an "art of time," which involves the accumulating layers of time and changes in the artist's thinking during the creative process. Viewing his artwork, where time is often depicted in the rhythmic movement of the linear brushwork, is like "seeing" time through an hourglass. The linear geometric color blocks, drawn freehand, are filled with traces of the artist's handiwork. Even without the conventional applications of brush in Chinese calligraphy, the slow, horizontal and vertical sliding movements of the brush and paint on canvas still facilitate the spatial logic and time awareness that occurred during the creative process to form a subtle perceptual intertexture. Corresponding to the changing nature of human thoughts and emotions through time, Chi's lines, within the accurate and precise framework, enables tolerance of the changeability and uncertainty of all things. Here the artist's definition of time is revealed, and the rhythm of his inner emotions is also fully expressed.’ (Pan Hsien-Jen, 2014)
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