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stainless steel, motors, mixed media
140 x 717 x 248 cm
The Luxury Logico artists describe themselves as wanderers, enjoying a state of mind characterised by freedom and delight, ‘viewing the sky and earth with brimming creativity.’ The verb ‘to wander’ suggests moving from place to place, like a vagabond, a nomad or a drifter, roaming, rambling, subjected to changeable whims and fancies. The wanderings of Luxury Logico through worlds both real and virtual result in collaborations that translate the natural world into magical experiences. A winged sculpture floats, suspended in the gallery space. A mechanical creature with a segmented stainless-steel body and multiple metallic wings, its delicate movements suggest a gentle breeze and the weightless, drifting flight of dragon flies or bumblebees. Contrasting an unexpected lightness of form with the physical heaviness of its materials Wandering (2015) is a paradoxical hybrid creature, part machine and part living organism. Looking at its thirty pairs of wings, controlled by mechanical systems that gently move them up and down, we think of Leonardo da Vinci’s designs for flying machines, and of the creative passions of artists across the centuries ‘taking flight’ through the power of their imaginations.
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