Dog in Wind

Sun Hongbin


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oil on plywood
33 x 24 cm
Sun’s landscapes, too, are bleak and melancholy. If, as he says, humour is a key element in his work, it is a dark humour. Two exquisite works are painted with oil on plywood. Untitled (2012) depicts a tiny hooded figure perched on a white horse in a nondescript landscape. Dog in Wind (2012), a hungry-looking dog prowling with nose to ground, reveals the depth and extent of Sun Hongbin’s art historical knowledge. The loose brushwork and clever compositions of these works indicate Sun’s study of nineteenth century French painting. His careful observation of spontaneous human interactions, and subtle qualities of light and colour, is enhanced by his confidently expressive brush. Sun has commented that he does not think and plan too much before he begins painting, preferring to work spontaneously. He loves the physicality of his working life: ‘The most enjoyable part of painting is the process,’ he says.
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